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Ubiquinol Benefits:
Energy | Heart |Brain |Anti-Aging

Ubiquinol is not a drug — it is a natural compound that is found throughout living things in nature. An energy-generating antioxidant, Ubiquinol optimizes cellular health. Ubiquinol may be a new idea to many. The antioxidant has only been available as a supplement since 2006. But most are already familiar with CoQ10 benefits. As CoQ10′s active form, Ubiquinol delivers all CoQ10 benefits. However, Ubiquinol is believed to be far more bioavailable and effective than CoQ10 in certain populations — especially in those over age 40.



Ubiquinol is…

•  A unique antioxidant.

• A potential anti-aging compound

• A DNA defender in every cell in the body.

• The “spark” behind 95% of the body’s energy.

• For circulation and peak heart health.

• A blood pressure regulator.

• A mind & memory sharpener.

Ubiquinol is also an important replenishing nutrient: It reverses the nutrient-draining side effects of statin drugs and aging (in those aged 40+).

Researchers are now investigating how the restoration of Ubiquinol to youthful levels  may promote anti-aging benefits.

In the meantime, consumers can take Ubiquinol supplements to support these aspects of wellness.

A word on CoQ10 side effects:

**In adults over age 40, CoQ10 is extremely difficult to absorb and utilize. As we get older, it becomes even harder to absorb CoQ10.

**Ubiquinol side effects are rare. Ubiquinol delivers CoQ10 benefits without the CoQ10 side effects that may impair absorption.

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