Ubiquinol for Energy: Bioenergetics

Ubiquinol Energy comes from Cellular Biogenics

While it may sound like terminology from a Hollywood sci-fi movie, cellular bioenergetics is the “chemical bond” process in which energy flows and is exchanged through living things.

Did you know? A groundbreaking 1981 study identified bioenergetics as “the exclusive source of utilizable energy in biological systems.”

Ubiquinol is essential for the bioenergetic process, since it plays a crucial role in the creation of cellular energy in the mitochondria (cells’ “power plants”). Ubiquinol helps cells to use the oxygen they receive and helps maintain mitochondrial membranes and cellular membrane fluidity. Ubiquinol and CoQ10 also play a vital role in the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a nucleotide that stores energy in the cell, by helping to convert food into energy.

FACT: At one of the first CoQ10-Ubiquinol conferences, scientists proposed that immunity-related health problems of aging should be treated as diseases of bioenergetics.

If the body is properly supplied with Ubiquinol, mitochondria are energized and primed to operate at a highly efficient pace. Without the ubiquitous supernutrient Ubiquinol, mitochondria can’t produce energy. Lacking fuel, trillions of cells can become sluggish, an adverse effect that resonates in every aspect of day-to-day human function.

This “low-fuel” feeling seems to increase in populations that may be deficient in Ubiquinol. Of the 1+ million Americans that report chronic low energy levels, most of them are older.

Ubiquinol supplements literally provide a boost to the system – raising plasma CoQ10 levels and supporting energy production in practically every single cell. This surge of cellular reinforcements may bolster body and mind by promoting and sustaining natural energy.

Greene DE and Vande Zande HD. Universal energy principle of biological systems and the unity of bioenergetics, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Vol. 78, Issue 9, September 1981, pp. 5344-5347.
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