Ubiquinol Energy Benefits

Many people report an increase in life energy after they begin Ubiquinol supplementation. This is no surprise, considering Ubiquinol’s critical role in energy production in every cell in the body:

- Ubiquinol must be present for energy to be generated and sustained.
- Ubiquinol helps the body convert food to energy.
- Ubiquinol provides the spark for 95% of the body’s energy.

If the body is properly supplied with Ubiquinol, mitochondria have  the fuel they need to generate energy. Without Ubiquinol, mitochondria can’t produce energy, leading to a chain reaction. Lacking fuel, trillions of cells can become sluggish –that dreaded “low-energy” feeling.

*CoQ10 vs. Ubiquinol: CoQ10 benefits related to energy are only achieved when CoQ10 is converted into Ubiquinol. Unfortunately, our ability to convert CoQ10 into Ubiquinol declines with age. Ubiquinol supplements are pre-converted, delivering CoQ10 benefits immediately — no need for conversion.

I am a 71-year-old man.  I was taking CoQ10 on a daily basis before and I saw some good benefits from it, but I wanted to try Ubiquinol to see if there was a difference. Well, I am glad I tried Ubiquinol because I have seen fantastic changes in my health.  I have felt a drastic increase in overall energy and sustained energy. Also, my skin is so much healthier in appearance (fewer wrinkles, smoother) than it was before. ~ Daniel, St. Paul MN

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Ubiquinol benefits provide an energy boost to practically every single cell in the body. This cellular “supercharging” has been shown to uplift body and mind with pure, sustained natural vitality — delivering life-changing results for some Ubiquinol enthusiasts. This unique property could make Ubiquinol the ultimate energy supplement for adults age 40+.

I started taking CoQ10 10 years ago on the recommendation of my doctor, but switched to Ubiquinol two years ago. I cannot believe how much more energy and stamina I have since taking Ubiquinol. I feel Ubiquinol has enhanced both my husband and I to actively pursue our lives. It has given me the energy to embark on opening my own yoga studio and really “grow” into myself these last two years. People have commented that I “don’t seem to age” and “put many 20 year olds to shame with my stamina and energy.” ~ Jane, Garden City NY


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